Facial Special Presents: How much are the flowers?

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Check this out!!! The other day my boy and I were driving around lookin' for some fine ass chicks. It was dead as fuck, no girls what-so-ever, only some old ladies, so we were about to head back to South Beach and all of a sudden we saw this h.o.t.t.i.e., selling flowers? - Wasn't quite sure what the sign she was holing said but once we got closer I realized why that chick was so popular among drivers compared to the other girls sellin' shit that day (car wash, u know that spill), but this cutie was smart (1+1=?), let me tell you. The sign she was holding said Buy 2 flowers get 1 B.j 4 free - Isn't that great? All those loosers were hoping to get some and were buying from her (I suer we got them on camera) - they almost caused an accident trying to get closer to her. BUT!!! Guess who got the deal? Right! Not just cause' we bought all of her flowers (pennies when you're hungry), but cause' we are cool guys, with big guns (the other, say other kind of guns) and guys with BIG guns always get what they want, that is; all the flowers and all the biAtches. Half an hour later we head back to my place - and I recorded the whole action on camera. She wasn't just bullshitting about the sign saying B.j. - that chick really knows how to give a head - she was sucking my friend's cock like a wild little kittn'. Then he put her on the bed and started fucking the shit out of her nice little tiny pink pussy, she was takin' that cock all the way in. She's so cute cute when she sells flowers + cute when she gets fucked hard - U should see her doing both. PEACE!!!
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